Kitty Kat's super cool kink site!!!11

I love you every day!!!!!!!!

My kinks are really scary to me so I don't really talk about them much XD but I'm trying to be more open about them so hi!!!!!

Anyways, some of my kinks are pretty scary and intense so please don't take them as indicators that I'm insane although also I am.

But yeah!!! If I like you I probably want to drug you and keep you in my basement at least a little bit :3 (That goes for you in particular) The idea of keeping I love all someone safe and secure while also making it so they can't ever ignore me makes me so so so so so so happy!!!

I'm just a little puppywolf in a bbiggggg world and I wanna keep my mate safe and mine forever ^_^!


Anyways this might be the one I'm most embarresed about because honestly it is so exploitable and I am so into itttt. Anyways CSA and several years of weird yearning for someone who calls themselves your litle sister does shit to a girl.

I'm pretty much into any dynamic (BPD weak sense of self moment.) but I'm really really normal about my mom and little sis!! There's just so much codependency that can occur and that drives me insane, need to be the closest person in the world with someone.